Building Connections Together.

Welcome to SLX Communities

We here at SLX Communities understand what it takes to build an authentic community. We develop communities that provide people with a sense of belonging and a network of people that they can connect with based on shared interests and goals. Our collective experience and tools will help you create, connect, share, engage and grow your community.

Our Process


Community Set Up

We know how to build a community from scratch. Identifying your target audience, helping you understand them via value proposition exercises and finding the best plan to engage them.

Content Creation

Writing and publishing content is the best way to first engage your community. We will help review, curate, research and write content that is relevant for your target audience in the learning and development field.

Community Onboarding

Once your community has enough content to consume, it is time to onboard them. Our onboarding journey will create a great first impression for your members, which will leave them satisfied and wanting more.

Community Engagement

Now it is time to engage and scale your community. We will develop content calendars, weekly newsletters, data stories, quizzes, events and experiences that will keep your community thriving.

Community Support

Setting goals, collecting feedback, providing support and measuring results is the name of the game. We will create a great feedback loop that will boost your community’s engagement.

Our Services


Courses and microlearning are very important for conveying a shared understanding and building the vocabulary needed for communities to interact more productively. This will help create innovative new solutions to emerging challenges for the communities.

Events & Experiences

The ultimate way to engage your community is through real-life events and experiences. SLX Communities tools have made it seamless for you to bring your community together, both offline and online. We believe creating experiences is the best way to inspire innovation.


Information can be overwhelming because there is so much of it, and the ones your community needs are scattered everywhere. To save time, we will help you bring all the relevant news and articles for your community into one location.


SLX Communities insights are designed to boost your community numbers, engagement, satisfaction and retention. These analytical reports will help you understand your community’s success metrics and identify engagement strategies that work best for your community's needs and goals.

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