Courses & News

Creating course content and keeping up to date with the latest news is the bread and butter of community engagement. From curating and reviewing your content to planning your content releases; we cover everything that you need. SLX Communities will help you create the content your community needs.


  • Review Content (L) - We will review the content you create and give you feedback on how to make it more engaging.
  • Curate Content (L) - Our inhouse experts will structure your content and advise you on how to convey the information in a storytelling manner.
  • Write Content (Pre) - We can help you research and write content such that it maximises engagement. We cover all content types from blog posts and articles to scripts for videos.
  • Content Calendar (Pre) - Posting regularly is the best way to keep your audience engaged. We will set you up with a content calendar that will remove the headache of having to plan your content releases.
  • Deep Dive (Pro) - We will cover your content topics in more detail. This content will present the community with detailed researched content, which will be accompanied by learning documents, assignments and assessments.
  • Masterclasses (Pro) - We will help you organise an industry expert to easily present a series of online class for your community.


  • Curated News & Articles (L) - Information can be overwhelming because there is so much of it, and the ones your community needs are scattered everywhere. To save time, we will help you bring all the relevant news and articles for your community into one location.
  • Weekly Newsletter (Pre) - They are one of the most powerful community engagement tools available. We will help put together a weekly newsletter that will take your community marketing to the next level.
  • Monthly Magazine (Pro) - If you want to build a robust and high-quality relationship with your community, online magazines are the way to do it. We will provide you with the tools and consultation to create an online magazine that can attract a global community.