SLX Communities insights are designed to boost your community numbers, engagement, satisfaction and retention. These analytical reports will help you understand your community’s success metrics and identify engagement strategies that work best for your community's needs and goals.

Communities Create Insight

  • Tracking Success Metrics (L/Pre) - It is the key to understanding and scaling your community. There is no right or wrong answer. It is based on what matters to you and your community. Light model will help you track your success metrics, and the Premium model will help you track and understand what each of those metrics mean for your community.
  • Community Analysis (L/Pre) - Want to develop a deeper understanding of your community and push out content that is both relevant and interesting for your community? We will identify the value proposition for your community and analyse areas of opportunity. Light model will conduct simple online surveys, and the Premium model will do an in-depth analysis of your community.
  • Onboarding (L/Pre) - Onboarding is the place to create your first impression with your community. You want your users satisfied and wanting more. We will help you create an onboarding journey that is the most desirable for your community. Light model will conduct onboarding via email, and the Premium model will provide an online instructional onboarding lesson.
  • Insight Report (Pro) - This is for communities that want to achieve the extraordinary. We will help you work with ambitious clients who want to make a positive impact on the world. The end output will be to build a report that is worthy of making policy-level recommendations.
  • Latest Industry Trends & Updates (Pro) - Having access to the latest trends in the industry will add a great deal of value to you and your community. It is the one-stop place for all the information and awareness you need for learning, understanding the market and making decisions.
  • Marketing Promotion Insights (Pro) - Promotions is the most important tool if you want to attract new members to your community. We will provide you with the most efficient and effective marketing ideas to draw in the greatest number of audience possible to your community.